Silent Audio

Good to know

  • State of the art technology
  • License and fee free
  • No mingin’ headphones
  • Use guests own devices
  • Free app for Android and iOS
  • Seamless integration with your web presence
  • Ultra low latency

We have invested in the very latest Silent-audio and Drive-in technology for you.

AudioFetch is sweeping the USA as the next generation audio distribution and we are the first cinema in Europe to make use of this exciting development.

All other solutions involve loaning RF headphones to your guests. That means you have to hire or buy them. You have to distribute them to and retrieve them from your guests. You have to make sure they are charged up, work and are cleaned between uses.
AudioFetch is different. It uses your guests’ own devices. They can use any Android or Apple device with their own choice of headphones or earbuds.

Audio Fetch on iPhone

How it works

The guests download the FREE AudioFetch app to their smartphone (Apple or Android) ahead of time.

We supply the AudioFetch device that will best meet your needs. Plug in the audio source (or sources) and power it up. Your guests apps connect themselves to the device and audio is streamed to them.

The devices can operate as standalone access points. To take full advantage of the interative elements of the app the devices have to link in with your WiFi network either wired or wirelessly.

Audio Fetch App

Free app for Android and iOS


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