How it works.

Hire a pop up cinema and we’ll stay and do the same the following evening for half price. If you gross the same on each evening that would more than double your profit!  If it suits better we will do the evening before your booked event. If you haven’t booked yet then book Two evenings and pay for One and a Half!! (You CAN have a different film each night if you want).

Of course there are terms (aren’t there always?)  Pretty strightforward though.

  1. The nights must be consecutive and can’t include Saturday.  (It’s a midweek special effectively)
  2. The whole of July and August are excluded. (We are too busy).
  3. Fees, licenses and other expenses are excluded. (The deal is for us and our kit. We can’t discount on anyone else’s behalf. Sorry).
  4. If you’ve already booked but the extra day you want is already booked by someone else their booking takes precidence (Always first come, first served. We wouldn’t “Gazump” you and won’t for you either. It’s only fair).
  5. Both nights must comprise of hiring exactly the same kit.

Normal Ts&Cs apply and we can withdraw this offer at any time.

Hire One - get one half price!


    What sort of cinema are you enquiring about?