Friends and Family Garden Cinema

The cinema experience, at home

Pop Up Cinema Hire is the outdoor movie screen that comes to you.
With our outdoor cinema screen size measured in Metres, not inches, you and your guests get the authentic big screen experience. Got a “Home Cinema” system but can’t squeeze all you friends and family into the room? Then just hire one of our large format or inflatable cinema screens to use with it.
Outdoor Cinema Partites are becoming bang on trend. Be ahead of the curve with your Pop Up Cinema Party!
Provided that your event is a private party, the screen cannot be overlooked by anyone not at your party then you don’t need a screening license as it’s classed as private home use

Good to know

  • Suitable for up to 30 guests
  • Technical crew set up and demonstrate in less than One hour
  • Show whatever you want, Blu-ray, DVD, Stream, Home video or gaming.
  • Crew return to dismantle and remove inless than One hour

Garden Cinema

£199 Sunday - Thursday
£249 Friday or Saturday
+ Mileage to your location

Friends and Family in Norfolk

Our Garden Cinema Ready Reckoner

Choose the day of the week you would like to host your garden Cinema along with the county where it will be held and the Ready Reckoner will tell you the total price.


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