LED screens

Put content on the big screen any time of the day or night

Good to know

  • Viewable in virtually all lighting conditions
  • Crisp colours and deep shadows
  • High quality sound system to suit the audience size
  • Silent option available
  • Technical crew to operate everything using our bespoke control unit

LED screens are the perfect solution for so many applications.

We added them to our offer as we were often asked about daytime film screenings. But an LED screen opens up a bewildering array of possibilities. From sporting events broadcast live to brand awareness raising, from making performers visible to the back row of a venue to remote messaging. And many more we haven’t even thought of yet.

If you can think of a reason to have a large image or video shown to an audience then the cnaceds are LED screens will be the answer.

LED screens can be used as OOH displays of images or videos with or without sound.

Some uses

  • Screening live events
  • Gaming tournaments
  • Scoreboards
  • Slideshow advertising
  • Product launch / promotions

Daytime LED screen

For up to 8 hours
£ 2999
Price From
Daylight viewable
High Definition image
Hi Quality PA (Sound) if required
Expert Technical Crew to Set up, Pack down and Operate our bespoke control centre
As much advice as you need
Ask about special rates for long term bookings


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