How it works

First Steps

Get in touch with us and we’ll have a chat about what you have in mind, what we can do for you, what’s possible and when, what needs doing before, and during the event.

Before your event

We’ll assess your idea and help you prepare. Arranging for film licensing and helping you with premises licensing as neccessary. If you are having concessions you’ll need to strike deals with them now.

Then it’s time to build your audience. Get the word out there for your public event.

On the day

The Pop Up Cinema crew will arrive on site at least Two Hours before the start of the event to get everything set up. We do need vehicle access to the site, to unload the equipment, and somewhere secure to park for the whole time we are with you.

We will site and secure the screen, set up the sound & projection systems then check everything works.

We stay for the entire event, running the screening of your movie as well as whatever pre and post material you want.

After the event we pack away all the equipment in about an Hour and it’s as if we had never been there.


    What sort of cinema are you enquiring about?