We are super excited to announce our new silent audio solution.

New Silen Audio Solution

We have introduced the latest system for silent audio to the UK. This is going to revolutionise the silent disco experience for partygoers. It’s going to be a major boost for assistive listening.

No more hiring or buying crates and crates of headphones with dubious sound quality and goodness knows how many germs. Our system makes use of the guests’ own technology. The sound is beamed direct to a FREE app available for Apple and Android and the guests use their own headphones.

It’s entirely possible for a guest with a pair of Utopia Focal by Tournaire headphones, ( a cool £100,000.00 per pair) if they want to.

Or they could use a £1.50 pair of earbuds. It’s entirely up to them.

As the guests use their own devices you don’t have to hire (or buy) crates and crates of headphones that you have to charge up, sanitise and then worry if you’ll get them back at the end of a show, and if you do will the be in One piece?

We can customise the app to reflect your branding. There’s space for sponsors messages and adverts and we can seamlessly integrate you online food and drink ordering system.

We originally invested in this new system for our Silent or Drive-in cinemas but the potential is so great we’re going to offer it for hire for any silent event you can think of.

Don’t delay, get in touch to find out how our system canrevolutionise your events.