If you’re nervous of going to a gathering of strangers but still long for the large screen experience try our Friends and Family Garden Cinema.

You can book any size cinema you like provided you have the space. But we do have our “Baby” outdoor cinema setup available from just £99. Suitable for up to 30 guests.

3m x 3m gazebo contains all the technical equipment for your Friends and Family Garden Cinema.

Don’t worry that your garden is too small (or too big). We have a range of equipment available that can be squeezed in. If you have room for a 3m x 3m gazebo somewhere in your garden where you can be far enough back from it to see the whole of one side comfortably, then you have enough room. If, on the other hand, your garden is football pitch size or larger, you have room for the huge pneumatic screen, cinema standard projection and sound system.

The Gazebo can be set up “Back to front” to counter light pollution if neccessary.

Don’t miss out, book yours today.