We are experiencing an enormous number of enquiries from BTEC students at the moment. We’re sorry but we can’t respond to all of you, although we wish all of you the best of luck with your forthcoming marketing exam.

If you are from BTEC then it would have been nice to give a relatively small industry a “Heads up” we would be receiving a tsunami of enquiries asking sensitive information right at the start of the main season. #justsaying

However here are answers to questions you may have.

STOP PRESS : The great people at tutor2u have made a video. Hope this helps you with your exams too.

How much do you charge on average per ticket?

We don’t sell tickets. We rent out pop up cinemas to organisers who do.

How many shows did you do last year?

Sorry. That’s sensitive.

How many people do you employ?

Sorry, That’s sensitive.

What is your market share?

No idea. We concentrate on our lovely customers. We may be the biggest, we may be the smallest. All we care about is being the best we can be for our customers.

What was your latest show and how many tickets did you sell?

A Few Good Men. We didn’t sell any tickets (See the first answer)

Do you serve food and wine included in ticket price?

We don’t serve food nor wine.

Who are your competitors?

We don’t have competitors, we are in business not a game. Our lovely customers deserve all our attention. We don’t waste any of our time or effort considering businesses similar to ours as they are not going to be booking us.

What are the main places that you do your pop up cinema?

We can pop up almost anywhere. From pub gardens, schools, stately homes, sports clubs, tourist atttractions, zoos, parks, museums, heritage sites, beaches. As long as there’s space and the landowners permission. (We have access to our own power supply so we don’t even need to be near mains power.)

What equipment do you use?

We use state of the art equipment. We have a range of screen sizes available with projection and sound systems to match along with our bespoke control unit.

Who is your target market?

Anyone who wants to organise a cinema at their event or location. If you are part of a Student Union or Parent, Teachers,( & friends) Association and you are considering a pop up cinema event at your school, college or university then it could be you. (There’s a special offer available if you mention this exam when booking.)

How many different categories of film do you cover?

As many categories as there are categories. If a film license is available we can show it. There are over 13,000 to choose from.

Have you ever considered to offer to watch a TV series such as Game of Thrones or Suits?

If a licence is available to show a TV series then we can show it. Many are available, both UK & US titles.

Have you ever had a theme event and venue for one event?

We don’t have events (See answer 1 above) Some of our customers have, very successfully, but we can’t comment on their behalf.

Why do you think Pop Up Cinemas are becoming popular?

Because they are great!!! Blockbuster film, outdoors under the stars. What’s not to like?

How much is a cinema event?

Check out our ready reckoner page!

What age group visit pop up cinemas?

The audience age is determined by the film’s certificate.

What is the market size and structure for pop up cinemas?

Sorry, that’s sensitive. But be assured we are in a perfect position to cope with your requirements whatever the size.

Can you send the marketing campaign for your business?

You’re looking at it right now.

Why are you so passive agressive?

Because, with no warning, we have been receving literally a YEAR’S worth of enquiries per DAY for over a fortnight.

There must be thousands of BTEC students all been set the same assignment. If the assignement had been about coffee shops, Florists, Tyre fitting garages etc, etc then 1000s of students contacting 1000s of businesses would have been manageable. But there are only a handful of pop up cinema companies so all your enquiries are concentrated. And we are just recoving from lockdown so we’re all busy at the moment. And the chances of converting a BTEC student enquiry into a booking is negligable. We’re not angry with you students, we wish you all the best with your exams. It’s the complete thoughtlessness of whoever set this exam we have issue with.