Drive in Cinema


Our outdoor drive in cinema is contact free and Covid-19 Secure as there is no need for the audience to get out of their cars, other than to use the toilet.

Drive in cinema is having a resurgance in popularity. Maybe you have a carpark but no field where your audience could enjoy a picnic and sitting on rugs. No problem. Use your carpark as the cinema. As long as we can set up our equipment safely your audience can enjoy the film from the comfort of their own cars.

Advantages of Drive-in Cinema

  • NEW Covid-19 compliant.
  • Weather (Rain & cold) less of a problem.
  • Can use a carpark or field.
  • Novelty

As a drive in cinema is virtually silent then the films can go on into the night. So consider a early screening of a family favourite as soon as light levels permit, then swap the audience for a midnight screening for just 25% extra on our fee. (Film license not affected).

How it works

You organise you event and sell your tickets. We arrive on the day with our jumbo screen, cinema standard projection system and bespoke in-car audio system. You look after your audience and we look after the technicalities.

Our state of the art in-car audio

We have invested in the latest technology to bring the audio into your guests’ cars. AudioFetch streams directly to the FREE AudioFetch smartphone app, available for Apple and Android. The guests can then listen on their phones, headphones or in car audio via the AUX socket.

We can customise the app to match your branding. There is space for your sponsors to communicate directly with the guests and we can seamlessly link with your online food and drink ordering system.