Drive-in Cinema was one of the first events allowed as lockdown eased in the UK.
Drive-in presents lots of challenges and opportunities and Pop Up Cinema Hire is here to help you rise to the challenges and benefit from the opportunites.

Our Drive in solution is very similar to our normal outdoor cinema with a few key differences. We use the same Jumbo screen, we use the same Pro Cinema Spec Projectors. We use the same state of the art audio/Video management system. We just swap out our pro-sound amplification and speakers and substitute with out bespoke in car receivers.

We can provide a pop up cinema for up to 100 cars. That’s because we use our own bespoke audio transmission system. We believe it is a better solution than FM transmission .

Limitations of FM

  • FM Transmission requires you to apply for a licence and pay £400. You are not guaranteed to be granted a license.
  • FM Transmission requires you to pay £35 for each day of transmission.
  • With VAT that’s £522 you have to find.
  • Have to apply well ahead of your event to give time for license to be issued.
  • Will be issued a fixed frequency you have to use.
  • FM can be picked up by anyone in range, so if your screen is visible from off site it can be heard on the radio, so eavesdroppers can enjoy your show.
  • Heavy fines / prison if you go ahead without being licensed.

Benefits of our Transmission system.

  • Ofcom compliant
  • License exempt
  • Fee free
  • Can broadcast with no notice.
  • 20 Frequencies to choose from to find the cleareast for the location.
  • Immune from “Eavesdroppers”. If they aren’t in the audience, they can’t hear the soundtrack.
  • Included in our drive in package.