Outdoor Cinema is a fantastic way for audiences to have a great time with a very low risk of Covid-19 transmission. That’s why it has been allowed very early in easing restrictions.

There are steps you need to take to make your event Covid-19 Secure. These are being taken by lots of businesses in lots of sectors and they can be quite straighforward. We’ll help you as much as we can. We have been recognised by Visit England as following government and Industry COVID-19 guidelines.

Our COVID-19 Industry Standard Certification

The size of the audience is still limited by the size of your venue. Although now, for any given size, the capacity will be less than it used to be. Each household group or bubble of household groups will have to be able to stay at least 2 metres from every other person.

You should take contact details from at least One person in each household group/bubble for contact tracing purposes. You should also give each household details of how to contact you in the event One or more of them test positive for Covid-19. You will need to keep this data secure in accordance with GDPR for 21 days after the event and pass it to the government track and trace service if any of your guests let you know they have tested positive. After 21 days you should destroy the data in accordance with GDPR.

You should welcome and marshall your guests in acordance with Social Distancing rules. 2 metres is quite easy to maintain as you are in the outdoors but there may be occasions, such as checking people in, where you would have to use 1m+ protocols such as screens, visors or face coverings.

You will also have to ensure any concessions operate in a covid-19 secure manner.

Routes to toilets and the toilets themselves will have to be Covid-19 secure. This may be by having a socially distanced One way queueing system or having thunderbox style toilets placed further apart from each other.