This page may be updated at any time as new information becomes available. Last updated 10.00 12/04/2021

Drive in Cinemas are back and picnic style cinema returns 17th May.

Social Distancing is going to be a key way of managing the disease. Outdoor Cinema is a great way of your audience having a great time while keeping a socially safe distance from each other’s bubbles.

We are delighted to have COVID-19 Industry Standard certification from Visit England for following Governement and industry COVID-19 guidance.

The great thing about an outdoor cinema is that they are held in large open spaces so your audience doesn’t have to be in close proximity. And drive-in cinemas they don’t get in contact at all! As such they are both justifiably low risk. Couple that with the probability that some large events, indoor events and especially large indoor events will cancel and cannot be reinstated quickly and that’s a whole lot of people who want some fun left with nowhere to go.

It’s the perfect reason to keep your event small and consider splitting your event into Two cinemas “Back to Back” (Or even more).

We can cater for a drive in cinema using our bespoke broadcast system. It requires no license saving time and expense.

At the moment we are working closely with our lovely clients to get their cinemas either when they were originally planned or as soon as possible where cancellations have already happened.

Wherever you are, stay safe. The show will go on.

We’re getting ready, are you?