Thank you NHS

26/03/2020 Projection mapping to thank to our wonderful NHS.

Projection Mapping is a technique where an image is projected onto a 3d surface rather than a flat screen. It can really bring an object or strucure to life. Remember Buckingham Palace at the Queens Diamond Jubilee opening as if a dolls house while Madness played their song “Our House”.

Projection Mapping can be used to animate an object or building or can decorate a building. Forget miles of cable and hundreds of luminaires placed around architecture to add colour spashes and texture. With Projection mapping the building is modelled in 3d with the lighting designed around it and rendered into a projection map that exactly matches the geometry of the building.  The illumination can be static or there can be animation where the lighting can change the mood as time passes.

It’s also a great way for putting your advertisements in front of an audience. A huge billboard on any suitable surface.

Projection Mapping Pop Up Cinema Hire
Projection Mapping Pop Up Cinema Hire

“Poppies” 2017

Words – Lawrence Binyon, John McRae, Wilfred Owen

Custom animation – thepat|man

Design, installation and operation – PopUpCinemaHire