Silent-audio and Drive-in solution.

Pop Up Cinema Hire brings AudioFetch to the UK.

AudioFetch is sweeping the USA as the next generation audio distribution and we are the first cinema in Europe to make use of this exciting development.

All other solutions involve loaning RF headphones to your guests. That means you have to hire or buy them. AudioFetch is different. It uses your guests’ own devices.

The FREE AudioFetch app. Available for iOS and Android

Once downloaded your guests launch the FREE AudioFetch app. It connects to the AudioFetch system and receives HiFi quality streamed audio. Your guests then listen through their own headphones / earbuds. The app has a demo mode so you can see how your guests’ experience will be. Download it now and have a look.

No more hiring, sanitising and using crates and crates of loan headphones. No more worrying if you’ll get them all back, and in one piece if you do!

Benefits for Organiser/VenueBenefits for Guests
No mingin’ headphones.No mingin’ headphones.
You don’t have to hire or buy, clean,charge, maintain, repair or replace headphones.You don’t have to wear rental headphones with dubious sound quality.
You can deploy once and leave it running 24/7.You don’t have to worry if they have been santisied between uses, if at all.
Guests join and leave the stream by themselves, no organiser intervention.You can join and leave at any time.
App can be customised to reflect your branding.You choose what streams to listen to. You switch whenever you like.
Space for adverts and links to your content.You use your own headphones, so you know exactly where they have been.
Seamless integration to your food/drink ordering system.You can use cheap ear-buds or mega expensive headphones, it’s up to you.
Operates through your existing WiFi network for full functionality.No need to stop listening to order food/drink.
Expandable up to an astonishing 512 channels.Your device will work at any other venue using AudioFetch.
Expandable to an astonishing 50,000 guests.Access audio using FREE app for Apple and Android.
Can operate stand alone if neccessary. No gimicky flashing leds on your head.
Can operate from USB Powerblock.No silly logos on your ears.
No licensing to worry about.You’re only responsible for your own devices.
You can’t run out of headphones.The venue will never run out of headphones.

If you host an event with 300 guests, you use the mingin’ loan headphones and it takes only a minute to santise each pair, you would have to waste FIVE HOURS cleaning them.

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Customisable Branding

We can customise the AudioFetch app to match your branding. There’s space for messages to your guests as well as advertising space for your sponsors. We can even seamlessly link to your food and drink ordering system.


AudioFetch is extremely adaptable. We use it for Silent-audio and Drive-in cinema. But the possibilities are endless.

Number of channels

For Silent-audio and Drive-in cinema we use One stereo audio channel. Typical silent discos offer up to Three channels, for up to Three mixes. AudioFetch can offer up to 512 mixes.

Number of users

Typical silent disco systems can accomodate 1 – 50,000 guests BUT you have to supply a set of sanitised and charged headphones to each guest. AudioFetch can accommodate 1 – 50,000 guests and makes use of their own devices.


Typical silent disco systems use headphones designed, chose and specified to be roughly handled, transported in crates and charged in bulk over and over again.

AudioFetch allows the guests to use whatever headhones they like. So it’s entirley possible for some guests to choose in-ear bud headphones costing a few pounds while others choose £100,000 Focal Utopia by Tournaire, at the same time.

Your guests will know exactly where the headphones they use have been and how clean they are.

How it works

The guests download the FREE AudioFetch app to their smartphone (Apple or Android) ahead of time.

We supply the AudioFetch device that will best meet your needs. Plug in the audio source (or sources) and power it up. Your guests apps connect themselves to the device and audio is streamed to them.

The devices can operate as standalone access points. To take full advantage of the interative elements of the app the devices have to link in with your WiFi network either wired or wirelessly.